Mô tả công việc

* General responsibility:

- Assist to build risk system and ensure the progress of project; Support timely problems of business units and related units; Support model development and implementation

* Detail task:

・Assisting at various levels of project and helping in task analysis

・Providing developmental suggestions to the company and improving operational efficiency of the company by helping in the development process

・Collecting information for the project, analyzing them and guiding the development team or related team in optimizing their work

・Assist in developing, maintaining, and implementing the model for risk management

・Consult with model users on the design of the model for improving

・Assist in establishing standards for managing areas of the model: Development and implementation, reporting, and performance analyze

Yêu cầu công việc

- Bachelor's degree and above, major Banking - Finance, Economic, Math Economic,

- At least 2 years’ experience in risk management and/or experience in a consultancy (with risk focus) and/or comparable experience in banking, insurance, corporate finance, risk regulation & compliance, advanced analytics, etc

- Understanding risk system oand how to apply to risk management

- Organizing project and proceed it effectively

- Analyzing and report about risk system and modeling.

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